What sort of chocolate do the Irish actually love?

Are you on the hunt for the best Irish chocolates for that special someone in your life?  Any Irish currently living elsewhere will be dreaming of these chocolate brands!

While Ireland’s answer to big brands like Toblerone or Lindt may not be as well known, this does not make them any less delicious!  Irish chocolate is well-known for its smooth, milky texture and addictive taste!

Europe is known for producing some of the best chocolate products across the globe, however Ireland should not be discounted!  Here we’re taking a look at some of Ireland’s most loved chocolate brands.

Butler’s Chocolates

Butler’s Chocolate will easily meet all of your chocolate needs. From truffles to toffee and extra-special novelties for different seasons, you’ll easily find a favourite at this popular Irish brand.

The humble Fry’s Chocolate Cream

While Fry’s chocolate is technically made by Cadbury, the Irish are big fans of this delicious sweet treat.  In fact, Fry’s chocolate cream was one of the very first bars produced way back in 1866.

Lily O’Briens

Mary Ann O’Brien and her special team of chocolate experts are based in Co. Kildare and have been developing mouth-watering chocolates for years.  Mary Ann has become famous for her use of superb, high-quality ingredients which easily please her chocolate fans.  Lily O’Briens offers the perfect assortment of decadent chocolates for birthdays, anniversaries or special occasion treat!


Skelligs has an extra-special open-plan chocolate factory in Co-Kerry, which can be toured.  Here you can witness the exquisite creations being freshly made.  This luxury chocolate brand is perfect for truffle fans!

The Truffle Fairy

The Truffle Fairy is the kind of brand that offers something for every kind of chocolate-lover.  From chocolate Easter eggs to decadent truffles and classic chocolate bars – this brand is definitely worth checking out just in time for Easter!

The Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Garden of Ireland has an exquisite boutique café that offers an unforgettable visitor experience.  There are even workshops and a play area, which is particularly useful for families.  If you’ve always wanted to learn the ins and outs of chocolate making, then this is a must-visit spot for you.  Even better, this special Irish chocolate brand offers worldwide shipment, so it’s easier than ever to fuel your chocolate habit.  When it comes to this luxury chocolate brand, their award-winning chocolate offers endless options!

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