You may already have your heart set on having peonies in your bridal bouquet on your big day, but if you’re getting married at the wrong time of year, this flower can be very tricky (and expensive) to source.  Don’t worry though, we’re here to help with all your flower needs!

It’s always disappointing if you have your heart set on springtime peonies for your dream winter wedding, only to discover that this flower choice comes with a steep price!  Sadly, in order to have the freshest (and most affordable) flowers for your big day, it’s best to have a variety of options that are in season when you are getting married.  While you may have a favourite flower, the world is chock full of beautiful flowers to pick and choose from, so you’ll likely fall in love with any of the flowers we showcase here!

One of the best tips to consider when buying your wedding flowers is to look for flowers that are in season for your big-day blooms.  If you opt for something not in season, then you are going to pay a pretty penny to source these.  Get ready to learn about the perfect wedding bloom for every month.


With many people believing that there are no blooms around in winter, brides and grooms choose to pay exorbitant rates for their perfect flower.  However, winter is a beautiful time for flowers.  With the flower market always a couple of months ahead of the garden, the vast majority of spring flowers will also be available in January.  Some of the best seasonal flowers include tulips, snowdrops, anemones, amaryllis, winter honeysuckle and chimonanthus.  You’ll also find that orchids are spectacular in January and can make an elegant and wonderful wedding bouquet.


One of the best wedding flowers for February brides is the calla lily.  This modern, yet classic flower comes in a range of different hues, making it a great option if you’re looking to stick to a particular colour theme.  A deep royal purple is always a popular choice for winter weddings and it’s easy to see why!


March is the perfect month for homegrown flowers.  The leading ladies in this delightful bouquet include elegant anemones, buttery white narcissus, orchard blossom, tulips and early hedgerow.  March is a great month for creating highly texturized wedding bouquets.


For the lucky brides getting married in April, prepare yourselves for a plethora of flower choices to pick and choose from.  Blossom is a definite winner for this month and can be used to decorate your wedding venue.  This flower is cost-effective and also packs a punch.  Plus, it is only available I Spring, making it the perfect choice for a Spring bride!


May is the bridging month between spring and summer and offers treasures from both seasons, including cottage garden favourites such as Love in the Mist, sweet William and bearded Iris.  Early May is the time to use ranunculus as this is when you’ll find them at their best.  This special flower also comes in an array of colours, from soft pale pastels to rich jewelled shades.  May is most famous for its lush, verdant greens and flowering hedgerow branches.  This is why white and green colour palettes are so popular for this month.


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