What’s Hot for This Year

What’s Hot for 2014…

Well I think a resurgence of interest in Spain (Vina Sol €10.79 and Marques de Concordia €11.99) and Italy ( Ripasso Valpolicela €13.99 and Bella Luna Pinot Grigio €9.49) is on the cards along with a dipping of toes in the Balkans, while the old standards of Bordeaux and Burgundy rarely fail to impress.


Wines from the Loire Valley are also on the increase (La Chenay Sancerre €17.29). The wonderful world of OZ brings a big pairing of red and white from Brown Bros. Everton range €14.99 this is the one to spoil yourself with, go on, you’r worth it.


China is on everyone’s lips, it is now officially on the wine map, with over 500,000 hectares of vines (3x that of Australia) and ranks 6th in the world for wine production. So who knows, we may see these on Irish shelf’s in the coming years, but not just yet.


You can’t think of 2014 without thinking “Craft Beer”. I see 2014 as the year for this niche market to really take off. Ireland has a long tradition of “Brewing” both legal and illegal, while the tradition of microbreweries had all but died a death here until about 10 years ago.


I am happy to report that this all changed with a resurgence of new Irish Craft Breweries producing excellent quality beer since 2009. The recent Craft Beer & Cider festival saw an increase in the number of breweries showing their products, with 25 Craft Beer producers (13 in 2011), 5 Cider makers (3 in 2011) and 2 brand new whiskey distilleries this market is in a healthy state. If you are looking for new taste experience in beer, this year try one from our extensive range of Irish and UK craft selection. We stock the full range of O’Hara craft beers (we recommend Curin Gold €3.05) as well as Lomza, Innis & Gunn and Furstenberg.


All that glitters may not be gold and all that bubbles may not be champers. 2014 is kicking off with a decided leaning towards alternative “Bubbly”. Prosecco (we recommend Riondo Brut & Rose €12.99) is the new champers and in my opinion a worthy exchange for celebrations large or small. You don’t have to push the boat out to have a sparkling time, but if you do you can’t go wrong with Ayala Champagne €39.99 (nicknamed Baby Bolly, being the second champagne from the house of Bollinger).


With the prospect of 2014 celebrations looming, we can help you with any requirements you may have for Weddings, Birthdays, Grads, Communion & Confirmations, as well as any business functions you may be having. We operate a Sale or Return policy, so you have peace of mind knowing you can return any unopened bottles for refund.


Our staff are trained and on hand to offer advice, when needed and have a strong sense of what is excellent customer care. So if you are shopping for a bottle to go with tonight’s Pizza or stocking up your cellar (lucky thing) we at Fine Wines can offer you a great shopping experience. You can also view/purchase our products online at www.myfinewines.ie and keep up with what’s happening in our stores for 2014 on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/FineWinesIreland.