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Christmas Traditionally

Some of you may not know this, but we are celebrating our 25th year in business!  The secret of our success for the past 25 years has been our relentless pursuit of quality and value for money.  We strive to offer our loyal customers continunity week on week.  We keep our prices low through the […]

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Spring Time…………

The daffodils are out and the days are getting warmer, spring has sprung! And as the seasons change, so do our tastes in wine and foods. The idea of changing the wine you drink with the season, just as you change your diet and your wardrobe still meets some resistance. People tend to ‘like what […]

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, All I want this year is a truly beautiful Christmas. Regrettably some of my children/staff no longer believe in you; don’t worry I do. One minute they were cute, small and believing, and the next thing, they were lanky, long and whining. So this year I am requesting a few treats from a few of […]

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