Blake’s Blog – What’s got the X Factor in Wine this Month?

As with all good competitions, we have four semi-finalists in the running.
Groups: Chardonnay
Girls: Sauvignon
Boys: Merlot
Over 25’s : Pinot Noir


Here’s their story so far:What’s got the X Factor in wine this month?


Chardonnay: With bags of entertainment value LJB Chardonnay worked their way to the top of the groups. Always a crowd pleaser and with their golden colour they are, deservedly, one of the nations favourite. With blonde good looks and wearing a cloak of rich vanilla they always deliver style, taste and longevity with a hint of maturity.


Sauvignon on the other hand is the wild child, with bursts of fruity behaviour and youthfulness, this cheeky girl has oodles of zing and is always ready to party and in my opinion will be this year’s favourite.


Merlot has had a tough journey through this competition, but he’s following is growing steadily. He has a mellowness to him that you would usually only find in more mature wines, but has wowed with bursts of rich, balanced, yet fruity, performances and is a pleasure to enjoy.


Pinot Noir is the daddy of the bunch, with lots of body and strength of character he can perform the classics like no other and washes over you in a pool of indulgent fruitiness. Wonderful, strong and best of all rich.


Don’t let us be the judge, make up your own mind. Who gets your vote?


Lionel J Bruck Chardonnay €5.50
This Chardonnay is a beautiful light yellow colour. On the nose it is warm with a note of citrus fruits, then complex with amber accents of honey and toasted bread. On the palate the wine is rich and fresh with a beautiful ending.
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Lionel J Bruck Sauvignon €5.50
A beautiful steady yellow colour. On the nose flowers and blackcurrant buds with a nice complexity. A buttered wine with a simple and long lasting ending.
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Lionel J Bruck Merlot €5.50
It is very dark red in appearance. On the nose it is spicy with pepper accents and notes of strawberry. On the palate it is soft and fleshy with elegant tannins, intense flavours of red fruits with notes of vanilla. Very long finish.
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Lionel J Bruck Pinot Noir €5.50
This is a beautiful red in colour with aromas of cherry and small red fruit. It is complex and rich with elegant tannins and great length.
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