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The women in my life, bless them, have decided that I must be made aware of the latest trend sweeping the “Wedding Scene”, so with that in mind and in keeping with the ever increasing need for budget friendly wines I have put together a wonderful combination of exclusive wines which, on a typical 6 case order, can save you a whopping €612.


Having traded with the great Burgundian House of Lionel J Bruck for the past 19 years, we are confident that these magnificent wines will prove a winner. There are two reds, a Merlot or Pinot Noir and two whites, a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc to choose from.


At a cost of €5.50 a bottle for an outstanding quality wine plus the average hotel corkage charge of €10, it means that for €15.50 you can give your guests quality wine without breaking the bank and as the average Hotel House wine is €24 a bottle, you save €8.50 a BOTTLE …….How’s that for Budget friendly.


Lionel J Bruck Merlot
A smooth palate of black cherry puree and a hint of black pepper with a silky creamy finish.
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Lionel J Bruck Pinot Noir
This Pinot Noir is a bright ruby colour with an elegant rich bouquet and soft harmonious fruit flavours.
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Lionel J Bruck Chardonnay
A fruity biscuity nose with lovely complex melon and peach flavours leading to a long lingering finish.
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Lionel J Bruck Sauvignon
Pale gold in colour, with a unique fresh, floral and citrus aroma. Crisp and appealing on the palate with hints of New World exotic fruit.
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These wines are available in all Fine Wines stores, where you can pick up a bottle and taste.


Oh yes the lovey, dovey bit…..
New Wedding Trend: Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony
Here’s how it works: prior to the wedding day, the bride and groom write love letters to one another expressing the reasons they fell in love with the other, their hopes and dreams for their future together, and anything else they want to share, and seal them in individual envelopes. Then, decorate the wooden wine box with whatever you want – line the inside with foam or some other material, stick in a CD mix of special songs, other romantic momentos, etc. The box will essentially be a relationship time capsule.


During the actual ceremony, have your officiant share with the guests the reason and meaning behind your wine box. Then, with everyone witnessing, the bride and groom will place their letters in the box along with their favorite bottle of wine. The box is then nailed shut. The officiant can start with the first nail, with the bride and groom (and maybe even bridal party) following.


The box is not to be opened until a special wedding anniversary (five, ten, twenty-five – it’s up to you!).


Even I can be a romantic soul when the mood takes me…….Don’t forget to check back with me for some more romance, ok so I really mean more great bargains in wine.